Eco in Shakespeare for our globe

First go to Globe 4 Globe: Shakespeare and Climate in the UK

A two-day event took place in April in London

This major two-day event, co-hosted with the University of California (Merced), gathered experts, activists and theatre practitioners in a vital exploration of the relationships between Shakespeare’s works and the current climate crisis.

Scholars explored ecological collapse and renewal in Shakespeare’s texts; environmental experts mapped out ways in which Shakespearean theatres and festivals could achieve sustainable and ethical futures; theatre professionals reflected on the capacity of live theatre to change audience perception and behaviour.

AND also in the UK, meeting the challenge of climate change. The actions taken by the national government!

These documents with their policy positions contain clearly stated decisions and they are legally binding.

UK 2050 =21 documents in existence, of 1868 pages.

Heat & building strategy.

Heat pump grants

Electric vehicles incentives

End gas boilers by 2035.

Internal combustion engine [ICE] sales ended by 2030.

All Treasury reviewed!!! – Not so in Australia – and that’s not all.

They are all legally binding.

They have five year targets.

While, in Adelaide, the example in Shakespeare’s Globe in the UK has been followed by Alys Daroy.

InDaily, Michelle Wakim reports on this October event.

Eco-theatre production takes the Bard back to nature

Shakespeare South Australia ­– a new local outdoor theatre company with an environmental ethos at its core ­– debuts this week with a production of Twelfth Night in the picturesque setting of the Palm House lawns at the ‘In the early days of the pandemic, actor Alys Daroy returned to South Australia from the UK to find that Adelaide, “one of the world’s leading arts and culture centres”, was without an outdoor Shakespeare company. She was spurred into action.

“I spoke to my agent, Ann Peters at SA Casting, and she said, ‘Darling, you’ve got to do it’. So I spoke to the Botanic Gardens and one thing led to another and here we are!” says Daroy, founder and artistic director of Shakespeare South Australia, which launched earlier this year.

Alys Daroy has more than a decade of experience in Shakespearean performance, and before arriving back in Adelaide she was working on an “eco-theatrical production” at Shakespeare’s Globe in London. Shakespeare South Australia characterises itself as an eco-theatrical company, which means its approach to production conceptually and materialistically considers environmental impact and relationships to the natural world.’

‘Twelfth Night‘ cast members during rehearsals for the Shakespeare South Australia production on the Palm House lawn.

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‘In the early days of the pandemic, actor Alys Daroy returned to South Australia from the UK to find that Adelaide, “one of the world’s leading arts and culture centres”, was without an outdoor Shakespeare company. She was spurred into action. And Adelaideans will be watching it now.

‘This green plot was their stage’ – paraphrasing ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream

And, also in South Australia, the State governments leading the energy challenge of climate change.

New IEEFA report sees South Australia as world’s energy … › 2021/06/03

3 June 2021 — Not only is SA on target to meet its 2030 renewable energy target by 2025, but the state has also set a target of 500% renewables by 2050, with .

But what Did Australians hear from the Prime Minister On Tuesday October 26th, on the news Corp, Murdoch, Channel 9?

The catch cry of ‘technology not taxes’ was back in play. No modelling on show. We might be told later. [Some one said that would be ‘drip fed’.] A few slides from the booklet. No clear policy. No mandate – that’s a dirty word here since Covid19. Certainly no legislation. Only one mention of the environment and that was about ‘cutting red tape’. No increase in the 26 to 28% target for 2030 in the Paris Agreement. It had been signed on to by the then Prime Minister, Tony Abbott in 2015. He called climate change crap. There will be offsets. This was packaged as what this Prime Minister sees as ‘the unique Australian way’. And it will only be net zero emissions by 2050.

We were not citizens, merely tax payers with not interest in the future for the nation’s children. We were only consumers and customers. The technology needed to be capable of commercialization. It was competition not collaboration. And coal and liquid natural gas, with fracking, and 900 wells in a forest were well and truly in the mix as the ‘traditional’ – not the polluting – industries. And there was no guarantee that there would not be more of them.

One thought on “Eco in Shakespeare for our globe

  1. Hi Erica , Many thanks for another interesting and thought provoking Blog. It is pleasing to see that Adelaide will get to see a bit of Shakespeare at the Botanic Park and what a great imitative and location. We are still suffering the horrors of the LNP and their totally inadequate position that they are taking to the Climate Conference . Morrison and his side kick will not have a easy time over there. It will be interesting on how Murdock reports and sells it .


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