Civil society has power!

In democracies, we do not have to stay with the past that is destroying us.

In the Tokyo Olympics Games the medals for all the 50 games are make from e-waste!

I am focusing on the intelligence, knowledge and active engagement for the future.


Today’s Science Show – offering hope
Mining minerals with plants and time to supercharge recycling

with Robyn Williams

54mins 7secs

Sat 24 Jul 2021, 12:05pm

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Plants remediate polluted sites
Plants could be used to remediate polluted sites

Meet scientists tracking down rare plants which automatically accumulate metals and store them in their tissues!


Fighters for the future for all of us.
Recycling brings benefits with low impact living

Sam Mostyn, Veena Sahajwalla and Tim Flannery discuss the enormous potential of recycling and how COVID offers the potential to change to a better course.

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How One Scientist Is Giving Old Phones a Second Life With E … › environment › ho…

14 Feb 2021 — Veena Sahajwalla launched a new way to recycle electronic waste that skips tons of … and is expanding her microfactories across Australia.


Civil society has power
Civil society will usher in a better world

Peter Newman says in the future we’ll live in smart cities with distributed energy systems and change is coming and politicians will be driven by civil society and people demanding change.

What future are we deciding to choose?

In Australia, in addition, we have a way forward in Tim Flannery’s book ‘Climate Cure’ and the vital role of sea kelp in so many ways. Even decreasing methane in cattle.

Look up the Climate Change Council and the Australian Youth Climate Change Alliance

From the United Nations we have ‘The Stubborn Optimist’s Guide to the Climate Crisis.
The authors outline two possible scenarios for our planet. In one, they describe what life on Earth will be like by 2050 if we fail to meet the Paris Agreement’s climate targets. In the other, they lay out what it will be like to live in a regenerative world that has net-zero emissions. They argue for confronting the climate crisis head-on, with determination and optimism. The Future We Choose presents our options and tells us what governments, corporations, and each of us can, and must, do to fend off disasters.

A cautionary optimistic guide.

Consider the climate changes people are facing across the world in this crisis.

In Asia – what are so many places facing?

Floods of major impact in China

Floods and landslides in India killing so many.

Following torrential rainfall, a landslide was triggered which swept through the Izusan neighbourhood of Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan on 3 July 2021

Heat waves, the like never felt before in Siberia.

Which country had a year’s rain in two days?

In Europe

Those disastrous floods destroying lives in towns in Western Europe

In North America – those unprecedented fires on the west coast

In South America –    May 18, 20214:12 AM  ACSTLast Updated 3 months ago

America’s Brazil’s pandemic-weary Manaus flooded by rising Amazon river

Reuters MANAUS, May 17 (Reuters) – Heavy rains in the Amazon rainforest have caused rivers to rise to near record levels, flooding small Brazilian towns and threatening the state capital Manaus with another disaster after it was severely struck by the coronavirus pandemic. Across the state of Amazonas, more than 400,000 people have been affected by flooding, said the state’s Civil Defence service, many of whom were evacuated as water levels climbed. The Rio Negro river was rising by about 3 centimeters (1 inch) a day and on Monday streets in the center of Manaus were already under water, according to city hall. “The water level is… the third highest in the history of the city. If it continues like this, it will pass the record 2012 flood,” said mayoral spokesman Emerson Quaresma.

On the African continent?

11 May 2021 — The African continent alone experienced over 2,000 major disaster events during the last three decades with most of them being extreme weather, …

In Australia, – and it is winter, for much of the continent, severe tropical cyclone Seroja. A town in the Pilbara flattened. In New Zealand, in Wellington, storms and floods.

Weather Australia 2021: Sydney Harbour Bridge disappears … › wild-weather › weather-au..

BUT – check the UK and Northern Ireland

From Bloomberg Green ‘inbox.’ Interesting news.

The U.K.’s national weather service declared its first-ever extreme heat warning on Monday. The alert now sits alongside age-old ones, such as thunderstorms, fog and lightning. In explaining why a new category was needed, the Met Office was unequivocal: “Research shows that, as a result of climate change, we are now much more likely to see prolonged spells of hot weather.”

Here is the danger civil society faces but it has the capacity to reject all that Sky News represents.

You won’t, however, find any mention of climate change in the Sky News story describing how Northern Ireland, a part of the U.K., hit the hottest-ever temperature recorded. You will find plenty of photos of people enjoying themselves at parks and beaches.’

This is the point. Murdoch’s Sky News, in the UK as well as Australia, like Fox News in USA, is driven by an ideology that has no interest at all in the quality of the future for our children.

In the face of the intransigence of many governments across the globe, we must value people being optimistic, doing their best to try to bring out the best in us.

Professor Peter Newman, contributor to July 24th 2021, important ABC Science Show presented by Robyn Williams, has written 17 books and 286 refereed articles. Peter’s book with Jeff Kenworthy ‘Sustainability and Cities: Overcoming Automobile Dependence was launched in the White House in 1999 and their most recent book is The End of Automobile Dependence’.23 May 2011. In 2021, only the Coalition government in Australia, with its Minister for Energy, calls electric vehicles ‘luxuries’!

So, this Australian Coalition will not invest in EV vehicles. In fact it is proudly funding petrol and diesel machinery for farmers to help them recover from droughts. Using our revenue to do it. And there’s that gas-fired power house for NSW for $600 million It rejects the need to do much more about climate change for our Great Barrier Reef.

UK says –

Electric cars ‘will be as cheap as petrol vehicles by 2025’

Civil society has power. Democracies need not be tied to the destructive past,