What are we doing?

Are we sleepwalking into disaster?

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National

Science Show presented by Robyn Williams October 30th 2021.

The prize winners, the anthology, the history remembered. The Science Show this week is all about Bragg.

Sir Lawrence Bragg, Nobel Prize for crystallography, born in Adelaide, insisted the best science writing for its essential import to be realized and discovered was ‘akin to poetry and literature.’ See his Foreword to The Apple and the Spectroscope. That is the aim of the annual anthology of the Best Australian Science Writing, published by New South, the publication arm of the University of New South Wales.

Listen to Ceridwen Dovey speak about why she writes about science and why this prize-winning work focuses on what we are doing to the night sky. None of the billionaires setting out to privatise space asked any of the astronomers how or whether their flights might impede their study of space. They had no interest in potential killer asteroids. We will have 60,000 satellites crowding the night sky in ten years. Who is caring an ounce?

Associate Professor Alice Gorman, space archaeologist, Flinders University, and former Bragg Prize winner was mentioned as one of those trying to help us see what we are doing.

Profit is being put before knowledge and the future for the children.


The counterweight to deliberate misinformation.
On a roll – Ceridwen Dovey wins Bragg Prize for Science Writing again
At the same time, Are too many nations, like this Australian government, putting short-term fossil-fuel based profits first? ARE our young people, unable to Vote, going to have to deal with what politicians, now in positions of power refuse to care about? Ian Lowe summarizes what is needed to move the world away from its current climate trajectory.


What can the young people expect from Glasgow?
World sleepwalking into disaster with lukewarm climate action

I thank our national citizen-owned Australian Broadcasting Corporation for its commitment to knowledge.

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