Greed in Glasgow?

We are told Gautam Adani wants to speak in Glasgow! The Prime Minister of the UK will decide.

Those who care about the environment and the future for children are entitled to ask these questions, aren’t we?

How many of these global corporations are setting out to have it both ways?

Greenwashing while they continue to profit as much as possible from pollution.

Will Adani use the coal from Bravus, the Carmichael mine in the valley of Galilee, Queensland, to make plastic in India? Plastics – so much part of the worst pollution in land, rivers, lakes and ocean on every continent. Think of the size of the population of India. Think of plastic waste dumped in villages in other countries. Imagine it all mounting up rather than money being invested in cleaner alternatives.*

A polluting fossil fuel – coal – from Australia for a major polluting product – plastic – in India!

See the article in The Guardian – Imagine pile on pile.

Adani blasted over ‘toxic’ $4bn plan to use Australian coal to make plastic in India
The Guardian. 18 June 2021.

  • Centre for Science and Environment’s (CSE) new background paper on plastic waste and its management forms the backdrop of discussions at a webinar attended by key bureaucrats and experts 
  • 79 per cent of the plastic made in the world enters our land, water and environment as waste; some of it also enters our bodies through the food chain, says the CSE analysis 
  • India has not yet acted on the Prime Minister’s call for ‘freedom’ from single-use plastics. The government’s 2022 deadline for such a ban has now been rescinded 

And there is a serious question about whether Adani is supporting the military junta in Myanmar with its history of murder and mutilation?

The Adani Group denies engaging with Myanmar’s military leadership over port deal but video suggests otherwise
ABC. 30 March 2021.


Still, the Coalition government of Australia dithers afters decades of refusal, since 1996, to take a global perspective on the advantages of national investment in clean energy, manufacture, vehicles and products.

The Australian Government has been taken to the Federal Court of Australia by the Australian Conservation Foundation twice, once in 2018 and once in March 2020 (still ongoing as of September 2020), relating to its contravention and alleged contravention of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 with respect to the impact of the mine on groundwater and the country’s water resources.[82] And we are the driest continent in the world. Yet we privatise our public waterways.


The Act of Parliament under which the Coalition government has been taken to court was passed in 1999. It is 22 years old. It is ‘not fit for purpose’ to protect the environment. And the Coalition refuses to implement the Graeme Samuel Report presented early 2020 because it will strengthen the legislation to protect the environment.

The Report on the State of the Environment is due to go to Parliament.

Go to the Science Show on Australia’s ABC Radio National and listen.

Download Crisis awaits if the world fails to act on climate (7.01 MB)

Download 7.01 MB

Emma Johnston, Dean of Science at UNSW is a chief author for the next State of Environment Report for Australia. She says the last 5 years has seen a long list of environmental catastrophes a result of climate change. Landscapes are being devastated by fires, floods, extreme heat, and drought. Species are moving their ranges, which works for some animals. Not so easy for plants. She says crisis is staring at us if the world fails to urgently reduce carbon emissions. Nations need to recommit to the zero by 2050 commitment made in Paris in 2015 and go even further.

What can young people expect from those who represent their nations at this conference in Glasgow?

Conference of the Parties COP26 Glasgow 31st Oct – 12th Nov 2021

[Have you heard about what is happening in Vittel in France?]

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