Solar and hydrogen

Energy security

For small communities

The French Company HDF.

working with the Cape York Institute

has this project ready for French Guiana.

The world’s first baseload renewable energy power …!

Long term employment for Cape York

and Thursday Island in the Torres Strait.

Possible before 2030 – for these Indigenous communities!

Listen to all of this – only 13 minutes

The Science Show

with Robyn Williams

A computer-generated image of the proposed solar farm and hydrogen production plant at Bamaga, 40 Km from the tip of Cape York in Far North Queensland

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Hydrogen coming for Cape York communities

On The Science Show with Robyn Williams


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A challenge for remote communities with small populations and large distances to major centres is developing viable industries with secure well-paid jobs. Now, it seems, renewable energy and hydrogen power promise to solve many problems in one hit. Currently, remote communities rely on highly polluting diesel to run generators, and to run transport. But throughout Cape York, roads can be cut for weeks or longer during the wet season jeopardising supply. David Thompson, from the Cape York Institute in Cairns describes a bold plan to replace diesel with renewables and hydrogen in Cape York communities. Benefits include, reducing emissions to zero, keeping money in the local community, driving down costs, and providing employment for local people. The plan has support from power companies and government agencies and brings hope to remote communities across the top end.

Cape York Partnership

David Thompson
Project Lead – Policy
Cape York Institute
Cairns Qld

Carl Smith

Robyn Williams

Duration: 13min 45sec

Broadcast: Sat 5 Mar 2022, 12:02pm


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