Wisdom and Warning.

the ABC’s Science Show presented by Robyn Williams
Extract minerals for clean energy. Lithium batteries conserve energy,

 Lithium processing a new opportunity for Australia

Half of the world’s lithium is found in Australia. Most of the rest is found in South America. After extraction, it undergoes a series of transformations finally becoming the major component in batteries for cars, bikes, and all manner of modern devices. After extraction, the lithium passes along a processing chain, generating increasing profit at each stage. As research fellow Mahdokht Shaibani explains, the profit for the mining company is just half of one percent of the profit generated from other stages along the way. Mahdokht says Australia is well positioned to develop industries and benefit from lithium processing and not just be a miner who sells raw materials for other nations to profit.’ No need to focus on fossil fuels.

Cleaner air delivers LA health and economic benefits

‘Ed Avol has spent his career measuring the effects of bad air on health. He says the $65 billion spent on cleaning up harmful emissions in California has produced savings of trillions of dollars in saved health costs alongside other economic benefits.’

Window closing for action to stabilise the Earth’s climate

Johan Rockström is a Swedish professor of Earth Systems Science. He outlines why the Earth has entered a climate emergency and why urgent action is needed.

Johan Rockström
Professor of Earth Systems Sciences
Director – Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Potsdam Germany

English version of the Swedish Radio show Vinter i P1 with Johan Rockström

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