A common future. Do we have one?

Australians have investigated 142 countries to check the value of carbon pricing.

Australia is not pricing carbon to reduce emissions. Neither is America.

New Zealand is committed to carbon neutrality by 2050.

What are other countries doing? How are their citizens voting? What are they being encouraged to do to reduce emissions? Consider the information below.

This photograph of a coal-powered station in Germany was chosen by students to encourage the government in Singapore to move to clean energy. The Singapore News & Top Stories – The Straits Times used this photograph to lead an article entitled ‘Go fossil-fuel free’.
Did a Singapore government legislate to reduce emissions? Does it have carbon pricing? Is it one of the 142 nations Australian researchers investigated?

Our public ABC Radio National’s Future Tense’ has provided us with this information.

Australian researchers have done the maths.

The truth about carbon pricing and how to capture CO2. ON Future Tense with Antony Funnell

‘Does carbon pricing work? It’s long been a contentious issue, but Australian researchers have crunched the data from 142 countries and now have what they reckon is the definitive answer. Also, are group purchasing plans the way to fund future renewable energy needs? And, the California research that could give new life to carbon, capture and storage.’ 29mins 7secs. Sun 23 Aug 2020, 10:30am. Sun 30 Aug 2020, 10:30am

This is Australia’s story as I see it. What are the stories in the northern hemisphere?

In 1988 the United Nations published the Brundtland Report. ‘It was the result of the deliberations of an impressive panel of international experts chaired by the Prime Minister of Norway and convened as the World Commission on the Environment and Development. It ought to be compulsory reading for every educator in the world.’ That statement was made by the late Professor Hedley Beare, Professor of Education, University of Melbourne, in The Curriculum for the 1990s. A New Package or a New Spirit?’ published by the Australian College of Education, 1989. It required STEAM at least. Not this 2020 separation of STEM from HASS. Hedley Beare wrote: ‘Since the Earth is a living entity. The Earth can become sick.

He went on, quoting the Brundtland Report: ‘Most of today’s decision-makers – it was 1988 – will be dead by the time Earth feels the full impact of illnesses like: acid precipitation, global warming, ozone depletion, or wide spread desertification and species loss. In 2020 we feel it happening. Still, we have corporations, governments ignoring the evidence.

Australian climate change policy to 2015: a chronology.
In 1976 the Australian Academy of Sciences reported – ‘human activities are likely to contribute to warming.’ In 1979 the first International Conference on climate change was held. In 1989 Hedley Beare was encouraging educators to face the future needs of our young people. Brundtland saw young people, in 1988, as needing to lead the charge. How old ARE they now? It is the adults who do the voting!
Australia had a Hawke Labor government From 1984. In 1989 it considered emissions targets. In 1990 we adopted the Toronto Target. In 1992 the government set up the National Greenhouse Response Strategy (NGRS), endorsed by every State in the Federation. In 1994, Australia met its first commitment to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change – the UNFCCC. [Remember this. Corporations, not wanting to change, had the language softened from the more urgent sound of ‘global warming’.]

Then came 1996 and the influence of climate deniers in the media. Finally, we established a carbon price mechanism from 2010 to 2012. [The Coalition government was defeated in 2007.] ] Our emissions were going down! Then came 2013 and according to the new Australian Prime Minister, ‘climate change [was] crap’. Our human contributions to climate change were rejected. In 2020, we have a Coalition government opening the door to oil and gas exploration in and near the Ningaloo Reef and near Sharks Bay, a World Heritage site on the coast of Western Australia. And there’s logging. This Federal government is talking about a gas-led, fossil fuel so-called ‘transition’, not aiming for zero emissions by 2050! Nor is it willing to establish the independent, national environmental protection authority, as advised in Graham Samuel’s interim report, to save Australia’s fire, drought and flood ridden, fragile environments from State and /or Federal politicking and corporate profiteering. NOW – Australia’s National Farmers’ Federation wants a climate policy!

Professor Hedley Beare gave us this knowledge and made this plea for us 31 years ago!

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