Sustainability – Who cares? Who doesn’t?

Educators do. Children are being brought to understand what sustainability entails. But children can’t vote. And votes make the difference in a democracy.

In Australia ACARA says. ‘The Australian Curriculum places emphasis on Sustainability as a priority for study that connects and relates relevant aspects of content across learning areas and subjects. Cross-curriculum learning is fundamental to: … appreciating and respecting the diversity of views and values that influence sustainable development.’

If educators know the connections needed now, why do too many in politics in democracies continue to fund toxic fossil fuels?

Which nations care about sustainability? Sustainability requires clean energy.

ASU has the USA’s first School of Sustainability. In 2020 what do its students face?

‘Established in 2006, the School of Sustainability’s mission is to foster innovative research, impactful education and engaged communities to achieve environmental integrity, social equity and well-being.’ And its ‘Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory, home to the new College of Global Futures, [is] dedicated to designing futures where everyone may thrive.’

Students at Arizona State University png.

Discover how a sustainability degree prepares you for tomorrow’s work environment. The Dean of the School of Sustainability, Chris Boone says: ‘Sustainability is improving human well-being and ensuring social equity for present and future generations while safeguarding the planet’s life-supporting ecosystems.’

Are students going to vote in their November elections? What will they vote for?


The Arizona State University is now connecting Shakespeare and ecology!!! Its foundation Professor, Sir Jonathan Bate formerly of Oxford, was interviewed by Michael Cathcart on our indispensable Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National’s weekly program ‘The Stage Show’ keeping us connected while the virus keeps us apart.

The man who lives with Shakespeare

on The Stage Show
with Michael Cathcart

Sir Jonathan Bate has spent much of his life living with William Shakespeare — he’s dedicated his career to better understanding the work of the Bard. Now the British academic is asking how Shakespeare’s work might help us to save the planet.

Educators are making the connections we need. Why not so many in politics?

2 thoughts on “Sustainability – Who cares? Who doesn’t?

  1. Thank you for this post. I hope that we can unite and move toward the goal of sustainability and clean energy, saving our planet — and ourselves!


    1. Thank you. I hope the same thing. It amazes me that those with the power to act deliberately refuse to do so. Australia has no effective climate change policy in 2020.



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