Such a trinity.

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‘The Life We Live Is Not Life Itself’

Ian Gibbins, former Professor of neuro-science at Flinders University, now video poet who lives in Adelaide, South Australia writes: ‘Well, this is something really wonderful… The video I made with Tasos Sagris and Whodoes The Life We Live Is Not Life Itself won the top prize for Avant-Garde films in the Fotogenia Film Festival. The whole Festival has been a magnificent feast of diverse forms and voices. The finalist list included some of the best videos I’ve ever seen. So to come out on top is incredibly humbling.

Massive thanks to Tasos Sagris and Whodoes for entrusting me with their fantastic words and music and the Institute for Experimental Art in Athens for supporting the project.’

If you haven’t seen it, here is the video:

A special way of connecting. This work is taking me, and I hope others, beyond the frustrations of continuing political intransigence, at least for a time.

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