The Amazon to a Tipping Point?

That is the question!

What is the future for the Amazon?

Will the President of Brazil fulfill his commitment?

Before COP26 there was this news about the plans of Bolsonaro’s government.

Members of the ruralist caucus and allies to President Bolsonaro approve bill that paves the way for a new indigenous genocide,
APIB. 23 June 2021.

Robyn Williams, presenter of The Science Show on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National, November 21st, expresses this concern and asks this question about this pledge from Brazil.

Amazon deforestation pledge.
‘The Amazon is being burnt and turned into grazing land. The world’s biggest rainforest influences weather systems in South America and climate even further afield. Brazil signed an agreement at the recent COP26 meeting to wind back its destructive practices. Will they stick to it?’

Amazon deforestation is stopping forest from recycling rainwater, which affects temperatures – ABC News

There is evidence in this information of Brazilian intentions a year before COP26.

Brazil sees record number of bids to mine illegally on Indigenous lands, Mongabay. 13 November 2020.

We are suffering in so many ways from the indifference of governments to global warming.  Callous indifference in their approach to people in the interest of powerful fossil fuel corporations.

In Brazil mining illegally on Indigenous lands.

In Australia, fracking on Indigenous land

in the Northern Territory.

We are democracies.

What are voters doing?

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