The world’s forests

Listen to the voice of this woman, 40 years on. She is asking us

if we are going to trash the place. Not just us in Australia.

Developers and fossil fuel magnates want profit now. Anywhere.

Some governments show little indication that they care.

I offer Robyn Williams’ reflection in this Science Show

for all with ears to hear and eyes to see, hearts to open,

minds to wake and decisions to take about our future.

Terania Creek – a final reflection

On The Science Show with Robyn Williams


Download Terania Creek – a final reflection (11.88 MB)

Australia’s first environmental battle saved the forests of Terania Creek 40 years ago.  Recently they have been burned by wildfire. The world’s forests are under increasing threat. And now their value and importance is greater than ever.
This is our final reflection on Terania Creek 40 years after people came together, and politicians saw the light.

From the film ‘Give Trees a Chance’, Jack Thompson tells the story of Terania Creek from the stump of a logged rainforest tree

Robyn Williams

David Fisher

Duration: 8min 39sec    Broadcast: Sat 7 March 2020, 12.50 pm

2 thoughts on “The world’s forests

  1. Thanks for your continued engagement with things that really matter, Erica. I was one of those young people trying to save Terania Creek 40 years ago, and the sense of hope when Neville Wran and other visionary politicians recognized the pricelessness of our rainforests was something I’ll never forget. It was so good to re-live it again on the Science Show! I must admit that these days it’s really hard, sometimes, to rise above despair when I see how the hope we had back then has been trashed, along with our forests, our climate and our general environment… Let’s hope it’s not too late for a change of perspective by voters and politicians…


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