‘US STEM students least likely to vote.’ Could this be true!

By Robyn Williams on the ABC RN’s Science Show. His guest is Melissa Varga.

Download US STEM students least likely to vote (8.42 MB)

Melissa Varga. Trainer for the Union of Concerned Scientists

Tufts University surveys university students across the US and reports STEM students least likely of any subject group to vote. In 2016, the humanities turnout was 53%. The STEM turnout was 43%. The Union of Concerned Scientists provides students with voter registration information and trains scientists for involvement in policy and advocacy.

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In Australia the national curriculum, set up by the 2015 review, separated STEM from HASS. As a teacher, well aware of the value of cross disciplinary engagement, I abhor that separation. But, at least, we have compulsory voting. Voters must turn up. We are citizens of this nation. Voluntary voting in USA appears to allow citizens to abdicate. At least here they must turn up.

STEM students – future scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians – ignoring the humanities! USA has had an Academy of Arts and Sciences since 1780! They must realise what governments are capable of. We need STEAM – for young people’s future.

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