A fine investigative Journalist

Robyn Williams and our wonderful Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National’s Science Show introduced me to Rose George and I thank him for it.

This is what we need. The investigative journalist crosses all boundaries, There can be no such thing as the separation of STEM from HASS, of the sciences from the humanities. Human engagement for good or ill is at the bottom of so much. Observation must be keen. Evidence must be collected and checked for its veracity. People must be consulted. There must be patience. A balance of emotion and intellect, integrity when so many in power would not want their actions uncovered. And the discoveries must be expressed so well we are engaged. And it is. Just now, I am learning about the abuse by profit hungry corporations selling contaminated plasma to sufferers of haemophilia in “Nine Pints”. Find her other books. Take time, then and, as she asks, protest. And value the courage of those who fight against ignorance and indifference.. Recognise ‘no one is an island’. Value the integrity of such a journalist who provides antidotes to fake news. Go to your library. Ask for her other books. We need people, citizens, in democracies who refuse to be sucked in by slogans.

Meet Rose George, author of “Nine Pints” about blood, that sine qua non for all human beings.

Bur first of all, find and listen to her TED Ideas worth spreading talk, TED 2013, “Rose George thinks, researches, writes and talks about the hidden, the undiscussed. Among the everyone-does-it-no-one-talks-about-it issues” …Rose George: Let’s talk crap. Seriously. | TED Talk – TED.com
https://www.ted.com/talks/rose_george_let_s_talk_crap_seriously/transcript?…en▶ 14:01
Apr 16, 2013TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: It’s 2013, yet 2.5 billion people in the world … Get ready for a blunt, funny – revealing talk.

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