Do we care about this?

From The Guardian 17th May 2019 this photograph. The article is by Damian Carrington, the Environment Editor. In Australia, we have just elected a government with a Prime Minister who once waved black coal in the House of Representatives and told us not to be afraid of it. ‘Down Under’, I hear statements that the air and oceans we pollute is so little compared with the total as justification for our failure to think about facts. Fact 1. There are no boundaries in the atmosphere. Fact 2. There are no boundaries in ocean currents. The UK government has just recognised the climate crisis of global heating. Here, with our preferential system of compulsory voting, we chose a man and his party that avoided any mention of the significant changes in the climate.

What does it say about our Education system? Decisions for the future can be made without the slightest care about the science. This is what happens when a system of education separates the sciences from the humanities. Neither side wins. And the children suffer. Trump has just congratulated Australia’s new Prime Minister. He likens this decision with his success in 2016. In a democracy, we create our future. Do we care about this one? That’s a question for USA and here.

“It shows what the destruction of the Arctic ecosystems is doing. It is forcing animals to search for food on land, such as these polar bears in northern Russia must do.” Photograph by Alexander Grir/AFP/Getty images.

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