In Northern Tanzania – for safari parks! And trophy hunters!

When the greed of the powerful destroys the lives of the many and the planet.

‘Indigenous people have protected the Earth’s rivers, forests, and grasslands for thousands of years.

A young Maasai woman – the Tanzanian government’s desire for the trophy hunter dollar means the destruction of her life.

This from the team at Avaaz – See what the Tanzanian government is doing to the Maasai.

Too easily we focus only on our separate lives and forget we are part of the whole.
Take Action Now! Dear friends, The Maasai’s future is going up in flames.

They’ve been hounded by the Tanzanian government for years — hundreds of homes have been burnt to the ground.

Now the government is even more determined to get rid of them, cutting vital medical services, and threatening to evict thousands of families so a foreign company can expand trophy hunting on Maasai land.

They’re asking for our help. 

Millions of us are reading this email. If enough chip in just a small amount, we could supercharge a game-changing court case to defend the Maasai. We’d fund the best lawyers, get massive media coverage, support local resistance, and create a global fund to empower other Indigenous communities threatened around the world.

Our movement helped stop huge Maasai evictions in 2014 — now let’s do it again!

The Maasai are fighting for their survival — let’s give them massive global support as they courageously defend their land and its wildlife against the trophy hunters. 

Donate what you can now:

Evicting the Maasai could spark a humanitarian disaster, pushing thousands of families into severe poverty while hunting explodes on the very lands they’ve protected for centuries. And over 70% of their land has already been taken! 

But we helped the Maasai fight the last round of mass evictions — and they won. But now the government is back again, employing vicious, life-threatening tactics to force them out.

The Maasai can’t afford to lose. But it’s not just them —

80% of the planet’s remaining biodiversity is safeguarded by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. We can’t end the climate and extinction crises without them. But almost everywhere we look, these communities are under attack from loggers, miners, and tourism — and too often, they’re fighting for their survival with almost no resources.

We can help change that. If enough of us chip in, we could: Fund the best lawyers to help the Maasai challenge evictions and land-grabbing in courts; Give media and advocacy support to shine a spotlight on their courageous campaign;  Create an Indigenous protection fund to provide rapid-fire support to Indigenous activists defending their communities; Pay for Indigenous delegations to travel to upcoming global biodiversity and climate summits to make their voices heard, and; Power urgent campaigns to protect Indigenous communities and save life on Earth.   Indigenous people have protected the Earth’s rivers, forests, and grasslands for thousands of years.
Today they’re fighting for their own survival, and even a small donation will make a massive difference in this most unequal battle —

We know we can help the Maasai win. Three years ago, we supported the Waorani people of Ecuador to sue their government — and they won! And then in 2014, we helped the Maasai stop another huge round of evictions. Everything Avaaz does is thanks to millions of people around the world; beautiful things happen when we come together. And right now, for the Maasai in Northern Tanzania, it could mean the world.

In solidarity,

Kaitlin, Marigona, Mike, Adela, Camille, Alis, Sofia, Nell, and the whole team at Avaaz

PS. This might be your first donation to our movement ever. But what a first donation! Did you know that Avaaz relies entirely on small donations from members like you? That’s why we’re fully independent, nimble and effective. Join the over 1 million people who’ve donated to make Avaaz a real force for good in the world.

One thought on “In Northern Tanzania – for safari parks! And trophy hunters!

  1. I donate regularly to Avaaz Erica. Thanks for your blog.
    I read your interview done some time ago. You are my hero Erica!


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