A pack of playboys?

Our ABC RN Science Show

Privatising developments in space?

We have the right to be concerned.

A serious warning from the University of Adelaide’s

Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Space travel and illegal wildlife trade are bringing greater biosecurity threats.

Fears of new biosecurity threats

Next – Australia’s new Chief Scientist presents her hopes for our possible contributions to the future with our public universities centre stage.

A reminder of the vital importance of Australia’s public universities that were left to languish by this Australian Coalition government in 2020 while COVID 19 raged.

Our public universities had to shed 40,000 positions. All that knowledge, acquired over years, lost. Lecturers, Tutors, Researchers, Librarians, Assistants had to find work elsewhere. They were not going to be funded to stay working for us.

Australia’s billions in revenue went to businesses and private schools, not to the knowledge and capacity of Australians to prepare for a future of global warming.

Hurrah for Cathy Foley – We must have the Humanities to ask the right questions.


Our chief scientist’s goals and hopes for science in 2030

Robyn Williams, presenter of our public ABC RN’s Science Show gives her the last words in today’s program – December 11th 2021.

This Chief Scientist from Australia’s CSIRO knows we need STEAM not just STEM.

When it is private fossil fuel wealth, not weather and the necessity to invest to adapt to changing climate and increased uncertainties – floods on the east coast, major bush fires on the west coast now in Australia’s early summer – that matters for those in government, in a democracy we can vote them out!

We are citizens not just tax payers.

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