In Gloucestershire A club Has Gone Green!

For OUR future. Beyond Glasgow.

A green canopy and a small road

In the United Kingdom – the host of the UN Climate Change conference in Glasgow

Green sport, and footy banners – Sporty – ABC Radio National › radionational › programs › gr…

‘Green Sport’ – These are the Forest Green Rovers of Gloucestershire, the world’s first carbon neutral football club going green, going totally eco-friendly and being successful!

I am learning about this ancient club, with its climate changing, eco-environmental approach, in Adelaide, on our Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National program, ‘Sporty,’

Meanwhile, ‘Down Under’

The presenter, Amanda Smith, also takes me to the Australian sportsmen and women before she goes to an Australian Rules Premiership being decided in COVID free Perth.

Our sportspeople’s commitment to climate change is called ‘ Cool Down’

All athletes need to cool down after a match.

This is a time for cool examination of global warming.

And this is what Australian sports people – women and men –

are asking the Australian government to do as it decides about our future.

We hear about the future for cricket matches in summer.

Penrith, the home of Australia’s fast bowler, Pat Cummins, will in the future

have summer temperature reaching 50 degrees Celsius. What is that in Fahrenheit?

David Pocock, former great Rugby Union player,  leads hundreds of Australian athletes.

They know we must have a climate change policy that faces the need for effective action by 2030. Zero emissions by 2050 is not going to be enough.

David Pocock playing for Australia.

Our sports people have just made Australia proud in Tokyo, the environmentally-aware Olympic Games. Now they are making Australians proud in an even more important way. They are making us proud as citizens.

They go on Instagram and Twitter – this is the world of the young who can vote.

David Pocock on Twitter: “The Cool Down is a movement by … › pocockdavid › status

28 Aug 2021 — The Cool Down is a movement by athletes for all Australians. 250+ athletes from 30 sports calling for bold climate action to safeguard the future.

BUT – This is what Australia’s Prime Minister has done!

Morrison’s coal lump supplier, former advisor, appointed Australian OECD ambassador

‘Advisor to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and former chief executive of the Minerals Council of Australia – who gave Morrison the lump of coal he subsequently brandished in parliament, [saying, ‘This is coal. Don’t be afraid of it’]  – has been appointed as Australia’s new ambassador to the OECD.’

That lump of coal had been polished so he would not have to get his hands dirty!

Information provided by ‘The Canopy – Greenpeace Australia Pacific.’

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