Taking a Stand.

Should our future be decided by those who refuse to acknowledge the science?

The situation is dire. The Scientific American is making a political stand for the first time in the history of its prestigious 175 years long life.

Policy & Ethics

Scientific American Endorses Joe Biden

 THE EDITORS | Scientific American October 2020 Issue

Credit: Ross MacDonald.

‘Scientific American has never endorsed a presidential candidate in its 175-year history. This year we are compelled to do so. We do not do this lightly.’

‘The evidence and the science show that Donald Trump has badly damaged the U.S. and its people—because he rejects evidence and science. The most devastating example is his dishonest and inept response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which cost more than 190,000 Americans their lives by the middle of September. He has also attacked environmental protections, medical care, and the researchers and public science agencies that help this country prepare for its greatest challenges. That is why we urge you to vote for Joe Biden, who is offering fact-based plans to protect our health, our economy and the environment. These and other proposals he has put forth can set the country back on course for a safer, more prosperous and more equitable future.’


See this blog from The Wilderness Society. Look at what Trump has planned for Alaska?

So close to the Arctic! So much evidence of global warming! He destroys carbon sinks!

Blog The Wilderness Society.

3 reasons ramped-up logging in the USA’s biggest national forest could be a disaster.

September 25, 2020

Tongass National Forest, Alaska

Southeast Alaska Conservation Council

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Alaska’s Tongass National Forest combats climate change, supports Indigenous communities, provides clean water. A plan to be released by the U.S. Forest Service will set the stage for the federal government to open millions of acres of old-growth temperate rain forest to logging and development.
[Who now is in charge of the EPA in USA?]
The Final Environmental Impact Statement, expected to be issued Sept. 25, is one of the last big pieces needed before the administration can remove protections from more than half of the 16.7 million-acre Tongass National Forest in Alaska.

Proposed changes would exempt the Tongass from a law called the “Roadless Rule,” which is designed to protect the very wildest parts of America’s forests from reckless development. For the most part, people don’t want this to happen: a majority of some 140,000 public comments solicited by the Forest Service about the plan favoured keeping the Roadless Rule intact. And the president of the Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska has said this rule-making process “repeatedly disrespected and ignored sovereign tribal nations and their tribal citizens.”  

In Australia, we have loggers calling the shots in Tasmania! We have burnt forests not being allowed to regenerate. When forests are destroyed by logging we lose life! Think of what is being done to the Amazon! Fossil fuels are toxic to us and the planet. The evidence is clear! But

The Australian Coalition government insists on a gas-led post COVID 19 recovery with coal-based carbon capture and storage, not the regenerative possibilities offered in new agriculture. See ‘For the Love of Soil’ in my previous blog. We have a Coalition government determined to use our money, put aside solely for renewable energy, for gas! And they intend to let the Coalition Minister for Energy interfere with how it is used!

This great American voice for intelligence is taking a stand. We need to do the same.

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