‘Young people want an inclusive future.’

So says the Vice Chancellor of the University of Tasmania, Professor Rufus Black, interviewed by Robyn Williams on our inclusive Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National’s Science Show, Wednesday, July 24th 2019.

This Vice Chancellor has a background that includes the humanities. In philosophy, he is an ethicist, wanting to promote the good, the true and the beautiful. He sees the sciences as the foundation on which we build. In his biography I learn “he has worked extensively for government at Federal and State levels, was a Board Member of Innovation Science Australia, conducted the Black Review into the Department of Defence and the Prime Minister’s Independent Review of the Australian Intelligence Community and was the Strategic Advisor to the Secretary of Education in Victoria. Professor Black holds degrees in law, politics, economics, ethics and theology from the University of Melbourne and Oxford University.”

For Australia, a major role of the University of Tasmania, is as a protector of the Antarctic. We do not want this continent misused. The abuse of the warming Arctic shows where we are going. We do not want mining companies, now pumping oil across Canada to USA, to be able to drill here and abuse Antarctica.

Professor Black applauds young people who left school to speak out for climate change. This Swedish student, Greta Thunberg,  wants us now to unite behind the science. Listen to her speaking to those with power to act on behalf of the future, in Paris in March 2019. Her understanding of the mathematics is very important.

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