Damn this acronym-driven schooling

Brought about by the ABC’s RN

‘Life Matters’ March 26th 2019

Using “Rosie’s Walk’ the children’s book

to introduce STEM.

I think I’m going mad. In fact I’m steaming mad.

‘Life Matters’ has a girl in front of a blackboard.

They are being clever. Behind her, in algebra,

we see ideas in equations. It’s mathematics.

She has this lovely smiling face, is having fun.

They have given her a flourishing moustache.

Her hair crowns her head as his crowned his.

Projecting decades ahead they are dreaming.

One day, if she stays with that STEM side

has nothing to do with these fine instruments,

technology belonging, with HASS, on the other side

she might give the world a new way of seeing.

Teachers are introducing little children to STEM.

Researchers must have this children’s story to do it.

Such clever people. They see her as an Einstein.

Why won’t they include his love of Lina, his violin?

                                                                                 Erica Jolly


A review of the Australian National Curriculum in 2015

undermined the cross-disciplinary developments connecting

across the ‘two cultures’ divide so the humanities, the arts,

the social sciences were separated from the sciences,

technology, engineering and mathematics as if they

have no connection with each other. So HASS is

separate from STEM. That makes for ignorance on both sides.

Arrogance on one side and defensiveness on the other.

Check the website for the ABC RN Life Matters.

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