Intersections matter

Saturday, February 23rd 2019, on Australia’s essential public broadcaster, the ABC’s Radio National, Robyn Williams reported from America where he was talking to people in the sciences and in political science. They spoke about the necessity for intersections, cross connections between the sciences and the impact of politics.Scientists know, and now so do all the people who live with more and more of these extreme events across the world, global warming is real. We also know the profit-makers in the old fossil fuel industries do not care about the impact of going on polluting the world. The atmosphere has no boundaries: neither do the oceans. Do visit Robyn’s latest program.

Essential intersections are the connections between mathematics and the humanities. 
I invite you to meet JoAnne Growney. She recognises we need to move to STEAM. She lives in Maryland, was Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science and now has this blog. 
Visit:  Intersections – Poetry with mathematics.

“Mathematical language can heighten the imagery of a poem; mathematical structure can deepen its effect. Feast here on an international menu of poems made rich by mathematical ingredients . . . gathered by JoAnne Growney, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science. She posted this on ‘President’s Day’ in the US:   

George Washington, cherry tree, lifespan . . .

Monday February 18th, in the US we celebrate Presidents’ Day — including the birthday of George Washington (on February 22, 1732).  In the 1970s, telling stories to my young children, I became fascinated by the allegations that the story of George Washington’s admission that he cut down a cherry tree was a story invented after our first President’s death (in 1799).  (See The life of George Washington : with curious anecdotes, equally honourable to himself and exemplary to his young countrymen by M. L Weems).  Our lives are too short! — expressed somewhat gloomily in the following life-counting stanza by Isaac Watts (1674-1748).

       OUR days, alas ! our mortal days,
          Are short and wretched too !
       ” Evil and few !”  the Patriarch says,
          And well the Patriarch knew !
       ‘Tis but at best, a narrow bound,
         That Heaven allots to men ;
       And pains and sins run through the round,
          Of three-score years and ten !

Posted by JoAnne Growney at 10:07 AM

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